With 27 park spaces, family-friendly outdoor events and an award-winning elementary school, the appeal for families in Playa Vista is obvious – but Playa Vista is also a hidden gem for date nights and young professionals.  As local residents, the Playa Vista Pros have the inside scoop on the best places to socialize, dine and be entertained for every type of lifestyle.  The best part of these plans?  Everything is is just a few steps from your front door.

  1. The “Active Day Off”: A Saturday morning “day date” can start off on the right foot with a morning hike up the LMU hiking trail, otherwise known as the Westchester Fire Road.  Catch a beautiful view of Playa Vista from right below the iconic LMU white lettering on the side of the hill.  Start from Court Park in Playa Vista and take the sidewalk path southwest along Bluff Creek Drive.  After completing the 2.5 mile hike, a stroll through Runway is a perfect cool-down. Check out the local artists and produce at the Farmer’s Market, then grab a cold pressed juice, fresh berries and organic eggs to make a much deserved breakfast at home.  
  2. The “Weekday Wind-Down”: With busy schedules to juggle, it can be hard to find the time for each other. During the week, jazz up your evening routine by combining fun with function.  Hit the The Resort together for a quick dip in the pool and lounge side by side to watch the sunset.  Then, head over to Runway to soak, exfoliate, buff and relax at Varnish Lab – with an add-on massage, you’ll quickly forget what happened at work Runway Playa Vistathat day.  With fresh mani-pedis and a new outlook on life, a final stop at 800 Degrees for pizza, salad a glass of wine before heading home to get cozy on the couch.
  3. The “Classic Night Out”: Celebrate a job well done or a recent success with a major night on the town.  First, make appointments at Beauty Beach Lounge or 18/8 for a quick trim or a full-fledged makeover on the Runway.  Pair freshly coiffed hair with a freshly made margarita at SOL Cucina, followed by excellent mexican cuisine by the fire on their patio.  Save some room for popcorn and head to the Cinemark Theater for a movie – with their reserved seating, dinner menu and bar service, reclining loungers, Dolby Sound, XD and 3D capabilities, it is certain to exceed the movie going-experience you might remember as a kid.

Consider these ideas to be the tip of the iceberg – Playa Vista is growing fast and new places to check out are popping up all the time.  Real estate might be our business, but our community is our passion – let us know when you find something new and noteworthy to try in Playa Vista!