The Playa Vista Pros have long-awaited the opening of Annenberg PetSpace – and this weekend we were lucky enough to see the space first-hand!  Annenberg PetSpace is such a unique place to initiate a pet adoption, and we really enjoyed learning more about their adoption and placement processes, as well as the educational events they plan to offer in the future. Annenberg PetSpace provides a unparalleled opportunity to continue learning about the human/animal bond that is already so prominent in Playa Vista’s community, and we’re so glad they are now open.

Here’s a few fun takeaways from our time at the Grand Opening this past Saturday.

Before deciding to adopt a cat, dog or bunny, you can bring your existing pet to meet your potential new pet!  Annenberg PetSpace only asks that pets be friendly, spayed or neutered, and kept on leash with their pet parents at all times.  

The Wallis Annenberg PetSpace Leadership Institute is a gathering place for some of the best minds in human/animal studies.  The Leadership Institute provides an incredible resource for Playa Vista residents to learn more about the holistic pet care experience as well as discuss current animal rights issues, trends, and methodology.  

Paws and Pages is one of the many free events this space offers each month!  During Paws and Pages, a young animal lover can volunteer to read aloud to dogs and cats, building their confidence and communication skills while also bonding with the animals.  Check out their calendar for details.   

The Annenberg PetSpace is completely funded by the Wallis Annenberg Playa Vista Legacy Foundation.  The only ‘donations’ they accept are in the form of adoption fees, which are normally $80 (but sometimes lower during special adoption events).  If you are compelled to give a donation, they suggest the Department of Animal Care and Control, a resident organization within PetSpace.

We can’t wait to attend another event at this space!  In a pet-centric community such as Playa Vista, this space is a very welcomed addition neighbor within our community.